Ads-Emma-Vase - Light Gray with burnt Brown Dots

Ads-Emma-Vase - Light Gray with burnt Brown Dots

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Material: Earthenware clay
Size: Height 15 cm - Diameter 13.5 cm

Emma is a brand new vase in our upcoming series of earthenware designed by Ania Design Studio . The Vase has a simple but edgy style. Perfect decor both with or without flowers. Intended for indoor use.

Emma Vase is available in four different glazes:
Light sand // engobe
Light gray with burnt brown dots // matte
Burnt brown // engobe
White with burnt brown dots // matte

Shipping and returns

Danish: Delivery 2-3 working days (in Denmark). 14 day right of return. To return the item, you must send an email to within 14 days of receipt.

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